Our Mission Partners include:

Steve and Sandie Davies

We have been based at the OM (Operation Mobilisation) UK headquarters near Oswestry in Shropshire since 2008. We both work in the Personnel Department, handling enquiries and applications for folk joining OM to serve on board OM’s ship Logos Hope and in many countries around the world. We also help with several orientation conferences each year, keep in touch with and look after people “in the field”, and meet with and debrief folk on their return.


Nick Drayson and Catherine Le Tissier

Nick is diocesan bishop of Northern Argentina, looking after 150 mostly rural churches, and seeking to lead them in mission. Catherine heads up the work with women and families.


John Livingstone

1.5 billion people are still waiting for the Bible in the language that they know best. Wycliffe Bible Translators are joining forces with churches, organisations and individuals from around the globe so that everyone will have access to God's Word.

From Oxford John supports the work in Eurasia, advising on publishing issues and assisting in leadership and in administration.


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