About St Clement's

St Clement's church family is made up of people from all walks of life.

We want to extend a warm welcome, as we seek to be a church growing together, with God.

All of who we are, and what we do, is inspired by our faith in Jesus Christ; our longing to welcome Jesus Christ’s transforming presence into our own lives; and wanting to help others we meet to encounter the love of Jesus Christ as well.

That includes…

  • On Sundays, as together we worship, and explore God’s Word, illuminated by His Holy Spirit…
  •  …and Mondays to Sundays – as we want to go deeper in our Christian faith, and live it out wherever we find ourselves day to day: encouraged, equipped, and supported through our St Clement’s home groups, and underpinned by our church family’s prayer.

We love to be part of our local community – including through our

  • weekly Baby and Toddler group;
  • weekly activities for our youth, and our children;
  • welcome lunches for students (and everyone else - we love to share company and food at St Clement’s!);
  • monthly Café Club for those of maturer years;
  • regular Pilgrim and Alpha courses – for everyone who wants to ask and explore and find out more about the Christian faith, and why it matters;
  • CAP Oxford Churches Debt Centre, founded with five other local partner churches, seeking to help release people locally from debt, poverty and its causes.

We also love to be part of the worldwide church of Jesus Christ – supporting mission partners sent by our church, and mission agencies, in work across Oxford, the UK and the world!

Want to know more?

Read on, to find out more about all these activities through the pages of this website.…

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